What Others Say

A few comments from former customers, former students, and colleagues:

“For our school district, one of the biggest assets of Algebra Nation has been the on-site support we’ve received from Shauna Hedgepeth.  She’s given our teachers ideas and support in using the program to advance our students.”
Megan, District Curriculum Specialist

“Hedge is a tech-whisperer.  She explains technology to geeks, retirees and kids alike. She knows how to speak to people, to listen, understand and devise a message that is audience-appropriate. She is a gentle persuader.  She is genuinely kind. Finally, Hedge is a Denso High Performance Iridium Racing Spark Plug.  Her energy is through the roof and she is ridiculously fun to work with.  Full of energy and humor, Hedge boosts morale wherever she goes.”
Troy, TechSmith

“Shauna was extremely helpful and guided us throughout what could have been an overwhelming process.”
Melaney, Teacher

“By far the best professional development I have ever had. I can use what I learned tomorrow. Hedge was a fantastic speaker and is very knowledgeable.”
Derrek, Teacher

Hedge inspires people to love what she loves. As one of the most recognized AP Statistics teachers in the U.S., Hedge prepares and delivers lessons with a wholehearted energy that is not only evident, it is also infectious. This energy has been evident to her students every day, and they responded in kind with
enthusiastic energy of their own, pushing themselves to struggle productively through even the most challenging activities. Hedge’s pedagogy centers on empowering students, connecting discovery with purpose, and her lessons, activities, and sequences reflect her creative, rigorous, and standards-based approach. Hedge creates community. She has a big sense of fun that is anchored in a deep understanding (and love) of both mathematics and human beings.”

Elizabeth, Colleague

“Hedge is a highly organized, dedicated teacher who went above and
beyond to build relationships and inspire her students to love math and learning in general. She had a knack for determining whether the whole class was understanding, and took extra time to go over things and try to explain them in other ways so that everyone understood.”

Samantha, former student (AP Statistics )

“You were my introduction to great teaching. You gave me hope that teachers can be intelligent, classy, and fun without compromising an educational setting. You’re one of the only teachers I’ve ever had who was so obviously brilliant yet used that brilliance to inspire instead of condescend. I cannot fully express how thankful I am for your impact on my life.”
Facebook Message from Evan, former student (MathCounts, 7th Grade Math)

“If it had not been for you, I would have never passed college algebra. It was my third attempt. If I didn’t tell you before, I want to tell you now, thank you from the deepest of my heart. I have now graduated with my masters and I am so proud of myself. You were a great teacher. You never let me give up. Again, thank you.”
LinkedIn Message from Doris, former student (College Algebra)

“Learning from you has had a big impact on my career choices, which I probably would not have had the confidence to pursue if not for you.”
Facebook Message from Taylor, former student (Algebra 2 and AP Statistics)